Meet the Nordkapp Challenge 2013 Team

The project was initiated by two of Morgan’s long-standing customers: Andy Abbosh and  Simon Murphy. Both wanted to help raise awareness for Marfan syndrome and do as much fund raising as possible.

The two have now been joined by Morgan Directors, Tim Whitworth and Steve Morris – and it goes without saying that both are also passionate Morgan owners themselves! – as well as two other close friends and Morgan aficionados, John Richards and Brian Voakes.

In addition, there is a growing team of supporters and volunteers including, Matti Rogers, Publisher of MogMag, Kevin Matthews who is managing all the website and online communication and John Wells, Morgan’s Senior Designer, who has created all of the designs and artwork.

Driver Profiles….

“It doesn’t take anyone long to realise just how much passion Steve Morris has for the Morgans the factory produce under his watchful eye; whether talking about his earliest memories from his apprenticeship or the latest model on offer, his enthusiasm is infectious. He, and the team at Morgan Motor Company, give so much pleasure to so many owners and enthusiasts, via the vehicles that produce, that when presented with the ability to support Steve and his family, I jumped at the chance. If you’d like to read the longer version of my reasons for taking part, please read my thoughts on the Why? page of this site.” Simon Murphy

“Being a Morgan owner some my most memorable moments have come from being able to share my ownership experiences with ill and disabled kids on track days and other organised events. When I was asked about the Arctic Circle trip it seemed like a good opportunity to raise some funds and test out how cold you can really get in a car with no roof. I just hoping it won’t be as cold as the trip I had to the Antarctic a few years ago or my winter trip to the glaciers of Iceland at -35. Did I really say I’d do this?” John Richards

“Being involved and a part of this Charity trip has a number of personal meanings for myself and also our Family. Firstly and foremost the charitable cause and raising both funds and awareness for Marfan Syndrome is incredibly important. Secondly, the complete series of events that have led to this have had a major effect on my Daughter Lucy and also the rest of the Family. Thirdly my wife Alison, myself, Lucy and our Sons feel an immense sense of gratitude and thanks to the Nordkapp Charity team for not only the concept but also the individual generosity invested to achieve the goals and I am looking forward to the challenge ahead.” Steve Morris

“My friendship with the Morris family stems back to 1999, since then Steve has not only been a work colleague but a very good friend. Knowing the family so well, I’ve seen Lucy grow up and go through so many hurdles, too many for one so young. Throughout her spells in hospital, operation after operation, I’ve never heard her complain. Knowing the anguish everyone went through when Lucy had her heart op, I want to help the charity in its research into a cure and help to relieve future suffering for children with this condition.” Tim Whitworth

“My reasons for wanting to become involved in the Nordkapp Challenge 2013 stem from my own (past) health problems, which pale into insignificance when compared to Lucy’s (Morris) Marfan Syndrome, however the experience was a personal game-changer for me and left me with a commitment to support health initiatives in whatever form they take.

In the end this trip is about Lucy, her personal bravery in adversity, and trying to raise money so that the Lucy, and others with Marfan’s, can lead as normal life as possible.

I’m also a lifelong fan of Morgan cars (I’ve now owned 11-Morgan’s in total!) having ordered my first Morgan in 1976, a Morgan Plus 8 which was delivered just after my own major op in June 1982. This ‘Driven at Heart’ trip gives a nexus to these two threads of health and Morgan’s.

Lastly on a somewhat lighter note, having spent the majority of my life in the Southern Hemisphere this is an opportunity to travel to the North Cape on an exciting land trip with congenial friends. What’s not to like?” Brian Voakes

“I’ve always been told start at the beginning, so that’s what I’ll do.

Other than donate money and the odd sponsored walk or drive I have never really done anything out of the ordinary for charity. As such, one day I pondered about a trip that would challenge me, raise money for a good cause and incorporate driving/cars. Having roped Simon in, we dismissed going to the Equator for ‘staying alive’ reasons. We then looked North to the Arctic and more pertinently the Arctic Circle. We subsequently approached Steve Morris, as we were well aware of Lucy’s condition and the effect it had on her and all of the family, and agreed that the Marfan Trust would be a more than worthy recipient.

I am now looking forward to a great drive, some challenging but enthralling times, good company, but most importantly of all, raising lots and lots of money for a very worthy and underfunded cause.” Andy Abbosh