Sponsors and Supporters

Firstly, our thanks must start with Tim Whitworth and Steve Morris for organising the fleet of cars for the two-week test of automotive endurance, as well as Morgan’s Senior Designer, Jon Wells, who is the mastermind behind all of the graphics for the project.

It goes without saying that without the incredible generousity and commitment of the Morgan Motor Company, this event would not be possible.

Also, a big thank you to the team over at Agency of the North, led by Daniel Crook and Dave Greenbrown, who have taken all of Jon’s designs and turned them into a fully interactive website.

Furthermore, Matti Rogers, Publisher of MogMag will also be helping incredibly with the promotion of the trip, and Tom Abbosh & Alfie Johnson of Tenkara Films will be creating a documentary of the entire challenge.

Corporate Sponsor List:


If you’d like to support The Challenge at a corporate level, we are pleased to offer a range of ways your company can gain exposure through a combination of on-car branding, website banners and event clothing.

Please email us directly and we’ll gladly discuss the options in much more detail.