Day 8 – May 12th (Bardufoss to Alta)

Day 8 dawned, with the team knowing that the Morgan Three Wheeler was poorly and much need of attention, if it was to make the 550-miles to Nordkapp.

Despite working into the early hours of the morning, we were no further forward; however, by 8am the locals started to arrive, offering help.

The biker community had heard that our little trike was ill and rallied around to lend their support – one chap even drove in from over an hour away!

The problem was diagnosed – water in the fuel, which in turn affected the fuel filter, which had then worked its way through to the injectors. This had stopped the engine firing.

We had to drain the fuel tanks, add some agent to remove the remaining water and add new fuel; however, the water ingress had ruined the fuel injector on one cylinder, which happened to be the one that fires first!

After many hours of trial and error (thank you to Mark Reeves & John Burbidge of MMC who were on hand to provide telephone support on a Sunday!), the M3W was back in action but only on one cylinder!

This wasn’t ideal, but the trike was back on the road to Nordkapp and that was no small feat on a Sunday, in Norway, in a very small town where nothing was open.

The team thanked our new Norwegian friends and decided that, due in no small part to their assistance, as the M3W was put back on its way to Nordkapp by a collective effort, the car should be named Bardufoss, in honour of the people of the town.

The M3W has become a real personality within the group of cars and the name suits him well; he certainly has the Nordic spirit!

The four who helped us were asked to sign Bardufoss and once this was done, we were off to do the 250-miles to Alta.

Credit to the S&S engine in the M3W. We weren’t sure how it would fair with only one cylinder working but it pulled all the way to Alta, like a little freight train, without any drama whatsoever.

As we didn’t leave until 4pm, our arrival at the hotel was 8 hours delayed and it was weary heads that laid down to sleep; knowing we had to get up in 4.5 hours to drive to Nordkapp on Day 9.

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