Day 7 – May 11th (Mo I Rana to Bardfoss / Tromso)

A leisurely start for the approximately 340 miles we had ahead.

The weather was scheduled to be ‘overcast with a few sunny spells’, so we set off from Mo I Rana at our usual brisk pace.

The landscape was gentle at first but became a bit more and more windy as the day went on.

The three (young-ish) film crew were given a Morgan ‘taster’ and allowed a short 45 minute drive in the plus 4, Roadster and Plus 8. Barring insurance issues and of course affordability, I think they would all drive one tomorrow.

Only two ferries today but on disembarking the first, the little three wheeler struggled to start.

After a bit of ‘persuasion’ with judicious cranking of the throttle and a few pleading phrases, muttered under his breath, Tim got it going again and we were off.

We stopped for lunch at a pleasant pizzeria, which also happened to serve great kebabs – little did we know that this was quite normal in Norway and would turn out to be a recurring theme!

After lunch we resumed our prompt pace (still within all speed limits) and drove through swathes of forest and a plethora of small towns and communities, which would constantly appear on the bank of each and every fjord.

We lost time to numerous photo opportunity stops and of course the necessary fuel replenishment.

We even passed our first police vehicle, stationary on the side of the road, looking to pounce; but thankfully they seemed more interested in the spectacle of five strange English cars (and a van), than checking our speed….

To be fair, we weren’t speeding much, but the limits can be quite restrictive, so I’m guessing we must have been a tad over.

All was going well until approximately 7 miles from our hotel….

Our problems started when our convoy leader tried to get us all shot by confusing the route to our hotel, with that of a high security Airforce Base.

Thankfully the sign language for ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ is universal!

After a swift U-turn, we still made it to the hotel eventually at a reasonable 8pm.

Within no time at all 4 guys at the hotel, who were on a drinking spree, were so impressed by ‘what these crazy English guys were doing’ that one of them made an on the spot donation of approx. £150 to the Marfan Trust!

He was duly rewarded with a passenger ride in the Plus 8, accompanied by plenty of indiscriminate revving of the sports exhaust and the ‘laying down’ of some rubber.

He was thrilled to bits, as were we, especially so when one of his colleagues came by later and gave us a further €25 towards the collection.

However in the meantime the M3W saga had only just begun, after it had begun to struggle earlier in the day.

Three of the team began working on the car and within no time it had gone from running roughly on one cylinder to not firing at all. The guys kept working until well past midnight, putting up with the drunken slurs of many inebriated, but very friendly Norwegian locals, who were naturally attracted to three brightly coloured strange English cars looking resplendent in the midnight light!

All the guys were very keen to help and begun contacting mechanics and Harley club members to try and get the car going again.

The rest of us went into the local Pizza Cellar and waited for the rest of the team to join us.

We eventually went to bed well after midnight hoping for a better start to the day than the end of the night before.

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  1. May 13, 2013 at 7:15 pm, Ruth Townsend said:

    Have been following your blog daily Simon, so interesting and amazing. I am surprised the roads look so good. Is it quite a mountainous terrain – looks quite flat. Spoke to Lorene, she said you have now reached the top – cold.
    Take care, thinking of you every day and sending best wishes to the team. xo


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