Day 6 – May 10th (Sunndalsora to Mo I Rana)

We left the Traedal Hotel in the rain, after 5-hours sleep and it certainly wasn’t an easy start.

Our destination was ‘Hell’ and the drive there didn’t disappoint; rain, creating poor visibility, winds and low temperatures.

To add to the above, the Norwegian Council’s seem to have decided to add unintentional (not convinced!) speed bumps to most of their roads!

The condition of the roads is truly something you need to experience to appreciate just how bad they can be.

Upon arriving at Hell, we were met by David and Karl, fellow Morgan owners.

After taking some photos at Hell train station, we drove in convoy to Stjordal, where David and Karl had arrived a special dispensation to allow us to park in the middle of town.

Upon arrival, Karl’s wife had set up a table with sandwiches, warm drinks and biscuits; just what we needed after such a wet and horrible drive!

“A huge thank you to Karl, David and their lovely wives for making the Nordkapp Challenge team so welcome in Stjordal.”

After lunch, and feeling refreshed, we drove toward Mo i Rana.

Thankfully it wasn’t a long drive – only 280 miles – PLUS it took us across some incredible mountain passes.

The scenery on the trip has been breathtaking, every time when the team think they’ve seen the best, the next corner delivers an even better vista!


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