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Day 9 – May 13th (Alta – Nordkapp – Alta)

After 4.5 hours sleep, we prepared the five Morgan’s for the 150 miles to Nordkapp. As we would be returning to Alta, the round trip was 300 miles and this meant we had to plan fuel stops carefully because we had been warned the petrol stations may be closed en-route. As we set off the […]

Day 8 – May 12th (Bardufoss to Alta)

Day 8 dawned, with the team knowing that the Morgan Three Wheeler was poorly and much need of attention, if it was to make the 550-miles to Nordkapp. Despite working into the early hours of the morning, we were no further forward; however, by 8am the locals started to arrive, offering help. The biker community […]

Day 7 – May 11th (Mo I Rana to Bardfoss / Tromso)

A leisurely start for the approximately 340 miles we had ahead. The weather was scheduled to be ‘overcast with a few sunny spells’, so we set off from Mo I Rana at our usual brisk pace. The landscape was gentle at first but became a bit more and more windy as the day went on. […]

Day 6 – May 10th (Sunndalsora to Mo I Rana)

We left the Traedal Hotel in the rain, after 5-hours sleep and it certainly wasn’t an easy start. Our destination was ‘Hell’ and the drive there didn’t disappoint; rain, creating poor visibility, winds and low temperatures. To add to the above, the Norwegian Council’s seem to have decided to add unintentional (not convinced!) speed bumps to […]

Day 5 – May 9th (Aurlandsvangen to Sunndalsora)

After the marathon drive and monsoon rains of yesterday, it was good to wake up to some blue sky and sunshine, albeit with some interspersed clouds. We also had a ‘lie-in’, breakfast at 8! On leaving, we had a group of Russian tourists photographing the cars and lining the route to see us off. A […]

Day 4 – May 8th (Bastad to Aurlandsvangen)

We awoke to rain; however, as Christian von Koenigsegg and Halldora had invited us to tour the Koenigsegg factory, driving off in the rain didn’t seem onerous. After an interesting and informative tour of the factory with Christian as our guide, we bid our Swedish hosts goodbye and headed off toward Oslo in Norway. The […]

Day 3 – May 7th (Hamburg to Bastad)

The team set off from Morgan Park Hamburg, where we were the guests of Lutz Leberfinger. Again we had the pleasure of chatting with some Morgan enthusiasts, perusing some of the lovely vehicles and enjoying an early morning coffee before setting off toward Denmark. We were escorted to the ferry by a fleet of Morgan […]

Day 2 – May 6th (Brussels to Hamburg)

Woke to another warm and sunny day! Collected the Morgans from Garage A’lbert and within 10-minutes of our departure the team of five cars was down to three! How you can lose two of the team in a tunnel in the middle of Brussels is a question we are still trying to answer! However, thanks […]

Day 1 – May 5th (UK to Belgium)

A brilliant send off from the various start locations; thank you to those who came to support us at: Melvyn Rutter, Williams Morgan and Morgan Motor Company. The five cars then converged on Brands Hatch Morgan, who were extremely hospitable and provided a superb breakfast. The gathering of the Morgan community, who had come out […]

May 2nd – Before we leave….

This section of the site will be used to detail the progress of the team whilst they are on the challenge. They will try to daily; however, a very tired team and access to WiFi may create some obstacles. Nevertheless, please visit this page daily as we’d love to be able to involve those who […]