Nordkapp Challenge 2013


In May 2013, a fleet of Morgan Cars will leave the company’s historical factory on
Pickersleigh Road enroute to one of the most northern points in Europe, Nordkapp, situated on the northern tip of Norway.

Initiated by Andy Abbosh and Simon Murphy, both Morgan owners, the desire to undertake this drive to the Arctic Circle came about because of the plight of one of the Directors of Morgan Motor Company and his daughter, Lucy.You can read the full story of how this charity run came about and why Marfan syndrome is at the forefront of the participants minds by reading the Why page on the Driven at Heart site; however, in short, the purpose behind this two-week, 5,000 mile journey is to raise awareness for a medical condition known as Marfan Syndrome.

The condition attracts very little awareness, yet in the UK alone over 18,000 people are currently diagnosed with the condition, unfortunately over 1/3 of whom will not live beyond early adulthood, as there is currently no cure for the condition.

When asked whether Morgan Motor Company would be willing to assist in the charity venture both Steve Morris and Tim Whitworth, Directors at the Morgan Motor Company, were quick to volunteer both the company’s support but also themselves for the trip. It wasn’t long after that John Richards and Brian Voakes, both Morgan owners, volunteered to join Andy, Simon, Tim and Steve to share the responsibilities of driving a Morgan 3-Wheeler, Plus 4, Roadster, Plus 8 and Aero SuperSport to Nordkapp Norway.

9,000 in the UK are currently unaware they have Marfan Syndrome.

The team will be accompanied on the trip by Matti Rogers, publisher of MogMag, and Tom Abbosh and Alfie Johnson of Tenkara Films. Matti will be documenting the trip for the magazine as well as showing his support for the directors of MMC. Tom and Alfie have volunteered their time to produce a film of the challenge to aid in raising awareness of Marfan Syndrome and the activities of the Marfan Trust UK.

“Early diagnosis is crucial” – Prof. Majan Jahangiri, Professor of Cardiac Surgery

The team are keen to stress, even at this early stage, that they are each funding the trip from their own personal finances, thereby ensuring that 100% of the donations they receive go directly to assist the incredible work of The Marfan Trust. The trust is entirely committed to raising funds, which enable medical research into the syndrome, with the ultimate goal of identifying a cure.

Please help us find these 9,000 people to ensure that they receive essential life-saving treatment.

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